Material Handling

JS Machine acquired a material handling division as an extension of their corrugator & converting machine production. With the increasing demands for seamless material flow through corrugated manufacturing facilities as well as recent labor issues, this has been a rapidly growing segment of the company. Contact us for additional information on improving your material flow and efficiencies!

No material handling project is too big or too small – we handle all types of projects ranging from new, greenfield facilities to small upgrades and bottleneck improvement projects.

Types of Conveyors

We produce both flat top conveyors as well as roller conveyors as each are commonly found in the USA & Canada marketplaces. Recently, we have seen that most box manufacturers prefer flat top conveyor as it provides a more stable transport surface.

Complete Plant Conveyorization

For both greenfield plants and large upgrade projects, we are equipped to address conveyorization throughout an entire intelligent box plant. This includes but is not limited to:

  • WIP Storage
  • Infeed & Outfeed Conveyor
  • Main Line Conveyor
  • Corrugator Takeoff Conveyor

Bottleneck Improvement Projects

We have seen that there are facilities where a significant ROI improvement can be made by upgrading, replacing, or adding material handling solutions to certain process flows. We will work with your team to identify the scope and goal of the project to maximize the ROI while solving any bottleneck issues.

We use commercially available electronics and motors on our material handling systems – we also keep an inventory of spare parts in our Hunt Valley, MD warehouse.