Rotary Die-Cutter

With over 30 years producing converting equipment for the corrugated manufacturing industry, JS Machine has recently completed a series of technical upgrades to their Rotary Die-Cutters. Please contact us for additional information on the equipment listed below.

Rotary Die Cutter

JS Printer RDC

The JS Printer Rotary Die-Cutter is a great fit for any box maker in the United States or Canada. The machine features an open/close architecture but contains technology that minimizes setup times between orders. Additionally, the rotary die-cutter is available with both top printers and bottom printers, allowing for converters to print on both sides of the box in one pass.

Sizes Available:

  • 1628 – 66 x 110
  • 1632 – 66 x 126

JS Stacker

JS Machine has the capability to produce almost every piece of equipment found in a corrugated manufacturing facility. A natural extension of their product line was the JS Stacker, intended for use with their Rotary Die-Cutter, but compatible with any machine. The stacker is available with a beater section, to remove unwanted and excess scrap from blanks prior to entering the stacker.

Customers all over the globe have asked for us to be a single source supplier for their equipment, and the stacker is the latest addition to our product line to meet that demand.

We have worked together with JS Machine to provide all commercially available electrical components and motors on our equipment for the USA & Canada market. With suppliers such as Siemens, ABB, SEW Eurodrive along with many others, we can better support you with a domestic parts supply.